The Instrument Pilot course is for students who have completed their Private Pilot course and have their Private Pilot license. This course will allow students to obtain knowledge, skills, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for operating an aircraft in IFR conditions.

Instrument Airplane Curriculum:

• Weather

• Icing

• Instruments

• Navigation Equipment

• ATC Clearances

• Enroute charts

• Basic Flight Manuevers

• Unusual Altitudes

• Holds

• Non-Precision Instrument Approaches

• Precision Instrument Approaches

• How to read an Approach Plate

• ILS Approach

• GPS Approach

• VOR Approach

• DME Arc Approach

• Emergencies

• Single-Pilot Resource Management


• FAA Medical certificate

• English Proficiency

• Private Pilot License

• Pass Required knowledge exam (70% or better)

• 50 hours PIC XC with at least 10 hours in airplanes

• 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time including:

• 5 hours instrument flight training from CFII
• 3 hours instrument training within 60 days of practical test
• Max of 20 hours in simulator if training not Part 142
• XC of 250nm along airways or ATC-directed routing including:

• An instrument approach at each airport
• Three different kinds of approaches with use of Nav. systems.