Juan P. Rodriguez


In his 18+ year aviation career JP has flown: Cargo, Medevac, VIP, Part 135, Intel and Instruction. He enjoys sharing his passion for aviation with his friends, students, and employees. As CEO and Founder of Orlando Flight School, based in Orlando Florida, Juan P Rodriguez a former Military Pilot from the Colombian Army and is an experienced Flight Instructor and Ground Instructor for the past ten years. He has trained more than 500 pilots worldwide for foreign countries and the United States and its allies.
He is currently a CFI, CFII and MEI for both single and multi-engined aircraft and is an ATP instructor for Helicopters. Additonally, JP holds a CFI, CFII, NVG, HUET, in helicopters, and is an Advance Ground Instrument Instructor (AGII), and Gold Seal Flight Instructor. JP is also a seasoned Simulator Instructor for the Turbo Commander Series 690/840/1000, King Air 200 and King Air 90 at SIMCOM, located in Orlando Florida.

Ivonne Gasca


Ainelid Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant

Joseph "Joe" Marszal

Advance Ground Instructor

Nicolas Palomino

Instructor CFI - CFII-MEI