The Private Pilot License permits the holder to act as a pilot in command of a single engine airplane while carrying passengers. The Private Pilot license allows the holder to enjoy personal time in aircraft alone or with family. The Private Pilot license is a required license to continue their flying career.


• Fundamentals- Preflight, taxi, climbs, straight and level, turns, descents

• Slow Flight and Stalls- Intro to radio, slow flight and stalls

• Emergency Procedures

• Steep Turns

• Ground Reference Maneuvers

• Pattern Work – Slips, landings and pattern work

• Pattern work through solo

• Specialty takeoffs and landings

• Tower Operations- Smyrna Flights

• Basic Instruments- Instruments, unusual attitudes

• Cross Country- dual and solo

• Night Flying- Night pattern work and XC

• Check-ride prep

Requirements (FAR 61.103):

• 17 years old

• English proficient

• FAA Medical Certificate.

• Must log 40 hours including 20 hours from instructor and 10 solo

• 3 hours XC

• 3 hours night flight including one XC over 100 NM

• 3 take offs/ landings to full stop at a tower airport

• 3 hours by instrument

• 3 hours prep for practical within 60 days of test

• 10 hours solo with 5 hours solo XC

• One solo XC of at least 150 NM total and minimum of 3 points